Solar panels – The Green Initiative podcast – Eco2Solar
Behind the scenes of The Green Initiative

Solar panels – The Green Initiative podcast – Eco2Solar

Welcome to The Green Initiative.

A podcast where we discuss, challenge and educate our listeners on implementing green energy and discuss efficient ways to build back better.

Hosted by Daniella Jervis from the National Housing Group (NHG). NHG acquires and develops sustainable property in order to provide permanent housing solutions in order to help tackle the homelessness crisis within the UK.

Episode 1: Solar Panels with Paul Hutchens from Eco2Solar.

In the first-ever episode of The Green Initiative, Daniella talks to Paul Hutchens, a renewable energy expert and CEO of Eco2Solar.

They discuss the topic of solar panels and look at the benefits and challenges and how they work for environmental, social and governance policies.

Paul describes what solar panels are, the grants that are available and the London Solar Panel map – an interactive map that shows if your property in London is suitable for solar panels. He also discusses the optimal weather for solar power efficiency and how can we incorporate solar energy into the household.

Key links:

  • National Housing Group: NHG  was founded to help tackle the housing shortage and the homelessness crisis in the UK.
    NHG acquires and develops high quality affordable housing for the under supplied UK market. NHG are environmentally and socially conscious and create relationships with charities and housing associations to provide long term housing solutions and create sustainable tenancies. 

  • Eco2Solar: Eco2Solar was established in 2007 to address the threat of climate change, by reducing CO2 emissions and fuel shortages through the application of solar energy.
    After 13 years in business, Eco2Solar is still a family run Midlands based company providing professional, cost-effective solar panel, EV charging and battery storage installations that significantly reduce the installation costs of the necessary sustainable measures for construction companies to meet their targets; particularly house builders and developers.

  • London Solar Panel map: The London Solar Opportunity Map (beta release) is an interactive online solar mapping tool that allows Londoners to estimate the potential for both photovoltaic solar panels and solar thermal installations on buildings and open land around the capital. 

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Behind the scenes