Social housing and property partners across London encourage open communication for Co Production Week 2022

Social housing and property partners across London encourage open communication for Co Production Week 2022

The voice of social housing tenants is being championed by National Housing Group and its partners this Co-Production Week.

National Co-Production Week is run by Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and aims to share good practice and promote the contribution of people who use services.

National Housing Group (NHG) provides social properties throughout London and Essex and has worked collaboratively with Riverside, Social Interest Group (SIG), Look Ahead and IHL to deliver high standards of social housing.

SIG is a UK based charity which leads in providing health and social care solutions, including housing.

Gill Arukpe, SIG’s chief executive, worked with NHG to ensure that their properties entirely met the needs of the tenants. Their first co-produced property was Faringdon Lodge in Romford, Essex.

Gill said: “National Housing Group approached me and told me about its vision: to provide supported housing that is fit for purpose. Refreshingly, they asked for our input while they got the building ready before completion.

“They have thought carefully about residents’ privacy, mental wellness, and the light in communal areas – while also recognising the need to keep everyone safe and involved. They are not insisting that all rooms are for rental income.” 

She continued: “They’ve even thought about the environmental impact and the cost of running a supported house. We also have a classroom area to offer education and skill development learning to residents.”

Incorporating the needs and voices of tenants into property production is key to ensuring that their needs are met.

Stephen Wasserman is CEO and founder of National Housing Group, he said: “It’s easy to think that you know what’s best for people, but unless you work collaboratively with your partners and ask for feedback and guidance from your tenants, you might miss the mark.

“Housing is so important, it’s a person’s home. We hope that by inviting feedback, and continuing our close partnership approach with housing associations, charities and local authorities we can continue to work co-productively, and ultimately provide the best experience for our tenants.”

NHG has also worked collaboratively with Riverside housing provider. Together they have supported formerly homeless people to find high quality housing.

Daniel*, 53, arrived in the UK as a refugee and has been living in a Riverside and NHG property for the last four months. Prior to this he was sofa surfing, and had no fixed address.

He has welcomed the opportunity to share feedback and request support when needed at his property in the Kilburn area. 

Daniel* said: “Everyone is very quick to respond to me, and my feedback is welcomed. This house makes me feel better. I needed help, and I got help.

“I am so happy to be in this property and with the quality of the house. Before, I just needed somewhere to sleep, and now I live somewhere that is furnished, everything is new and it’s clean. To Riverside and to NHG I would just like to say thank you for listening.” 

National Housing Group currently has 100 further units under construction throughout London and the south east, and will continue to work in partnership with local authorities, housing associations and charities to provide cost effective housing.

Their properties are built with an environmental focus which helps to lower the cost of living and fuel crisis for its tenants whilst tackling the housing crisis and homelessness throughout London and the surrounding area.

For more information you can visit their website 


*Daniel’s name has been changed to protect his identity as he is a vulnerable adult.

National Housing Group is a nationwide housing provider. They are working to improve the standard of social housing across the country, tackle homelessness and help the housing crisis. The need of the tenant is central to their work.

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