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Mawney Road, Romford

Property description

Mawney Road is a residential complex in London’s Havering Borough comprising 12 self-contained units. The units are divided among three properties: two spacious detached houses and a smaller property in the rear gardens. Conveniently located on a residential road, the complex is in close proximity to local shops, supermarkets, and other essential amenities.

The properties have undergone upgrades and refurbishments to enhance energy efficiency. This includes the installation of energy-saving appliances such as electrical radiators, low-energy lighting, and heating systems. Additionally, CCTV surveillance is implemented throughout the public areas of the properties to ensure security.

Each unit is equipped with separate sub electric meters, allowing for individualized utility measurements. Furthermore, solar panels are in the process of being installed, with the first system already upgraded.

  • Units: 12 units
  • Bathroom: 12 individual
  • Borough: Havering
  • Type: Residential
  • Property: Freehold

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