In the press: Inside Housing

In the press: Inside Housing

What changes does the sector need to make to offer high quality housing to homeless people?

Stephen Wasserman, chief executive and founder of National Housing Group, with Gill Arupke, chief executive of housing provider Social Interest Group, and two tenants from NHG’s project Alperton, London spoke to Inside Housing on “What changes does the sector need to make to offer high-quality housing to homeless people?”. 

Stephen discussed how and why higher quality housing can help alleviate homelessness, and how councils and housing providers can access it as well as sharing his views on what does high quality housing mean and what changes can we make. 

Stephen Wasserman
Stephen WassermanCEO and Founder - NHG
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"By providing high-quality housing at affordable LHA rates, we can help social landlords discharge their homelessness duty and contribute towards ending homelessness."
Gill Arupke
Gill ArupkeCEO - Social Interest Group
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“In my experience, if you offer poor-quality accommodation, no matter how good the support is, residents will find it difficult to trust and engage with you."

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