Kinetic energy – The Green Initiative podcast – Pavegen

Kinetic energy – The Green Initiative podcast – Pavegen

Welcome to The Green Initiative.

A podcast where we discuss, challenge and educate our listeners on implementing green energy and discuss efficient ways to build back better.

Hosted by Daniella Jervis from the National Housing Group (NHG). NHG acquires and develops sustainable property in order to provide permanent housing solutions in order to help tackle the homelessness crisis within the UK.

Episode 2: Kinetic energy with Laurence Kemball-Cook from Pavegen.

In this episode of The Green Initiative, Daniella talks to Laurence Kemball-Cook founder and CEO of Pavegen. In this episode, they discuss the topic of kinetic energy and Pavegen: what it is, the benefits and challenges of kinetic energy, how you can capture this energy and the uses and how it can be used for environmental, social and corporate governance.

Laurence tells The Green Initiative about kinetic energy and how the Pavegen floor tiles create a unique connection to people through the power of a footstep; each step over the tiles can be converted into 2-5 joules of off-grid energy.

Key links:

  • National Housing Group: NHG  was founded to help tackle the housing shortage and the homelessness crisis in the UK.
    NHG acquires and develops high quality affordable housing for the under supplied UK market. NHG are environmentally and socially conscious and create relationships with charities and housing associations to provide long term housing solutions and create sustainable tenancies. 

  • Pavegen: Pavegen is the global leader in harvesting energy and analytics from footfall. Our mission is to make our technology available to all communities, empowering people for a better world. Our patented technology connects people to sustainability and smart cities, creating powerful experiences which convert footsteps into off-grid energy, rich data and rewards. We call this the internet of beings, making cities smarter with every step.

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