An interview with Natasha Bent, Property Manager

An interview with Natasha Bent, Property Manager

In this interview Natasha Bent, property manager at the National Housing Group shares insight into her journey of joining the team, her overall responsibilities and how her personal experiences plays part in why she loves what she does.

Who are you and what do you do at the National Housing Group?

I’m a property manager and my responsibilities range from managing our current property portfolio which consists of about eight properties currently. The management of these properties involves me doing everything from liaising with councils around suitability of properties for potential tenants, to checking the tenants in with a welcome package, providing them with information on local amenities and benefit advice.

When it comes to managing the repairs and maintenance of a building, I’m also involved. As well as if there’s any antisocial behaviour and managing utilities, I have a duty of care to our tenants.

What brought you to the National Housing Group?

I joined the team in March 2023 and by my second interview with the National Housing Group I knew this was the place for me.

When researching the company I loved what they stood for, the fact that they were helping vulnerable people who were in dire need of decent housing that they could afford and permanently call their own. 

How does your personal life experiences tie in with what you do at the National Housing Group?

When I was 16, I experienced what it was like to be homeless for a period of time. I lived in Centrepoint housing, where I was then moved into a young person hostel by a housing association. Eventually I was offered a one bedroom flat which was horrible, there was no furniture and I also wasn’t given any support.

So I can relate to a lot of our tenants and understand what they’re going through. I know first-hand that more needs to be done to raise the standards of social housing, as well as there being a need for more in the UK to keep up with the alarmingly high increase in the number of people who are vulnerable and without a roof over their heads.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite thing about my job is seeing how the work we do here at the National Housing Group is making a real difference to people’s lives. I love being able to get to know the tenants, help support them on a personal level and hearing their stories.

What I love about where I work is how there is no judgement, you can be yourself and fit in and though we’re a small team we’re quite diverse. Though the work we do can be challenging, the friendly and upbeat energy my colleagues bring each day helps with staying motivated.

How has your role changed over the time you’ve been here?

Since joining I’ve taken on more responsibilities, including client liaison. I’ve learnt a lot during my time here, especially from Nicholas and specifically on the legal side of things and housing legislations.

This has enabled me to provide better advice to tenants and help answer any questions or queries they may have. It’s amazing to see how much growth I’ve had during my time here so far and I look forward to seeing what my future at the National Housing Group holds. I hope to continue to keep making an impact in the social housing sector.