Key values

National Housing Group key values include being environmentally and socially conscious, empathetic, experts, professional and collaborative. These are the fundamental beliefs of us and our staff.

Environmentally and socially conscious

National Housing Group is environmentally conscious, and we have a focus on sustainability. We use sustainable products, suppliers and systems that are durable, efficient and endure the test of time.


National Housing Group is empathetic. Being empathetic encourages commitment and cooperation between employees and external stakeholders who we interact with. Being considerate to the needs of the charities and tenants and understanding another person’s perspective ensures that we are always making decisions with them in mind.  We go beyond what is required to support the tenants once housed.


The National Housing Group team are experts and leaders in the property market. We infuse expertise into everything we do. NHG might be young but as a team we have decades of experience behind us. The NHG team continue to develop skills and expand their knowledge, so we are always at the forefront of the industry.


National Housing Group is professional. We provide a reliable and excellent service. We work smartly to be efficient but continue to provide high-quality products. We overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver on our commitments.


National Housing Group is collaborative. We work as a team and collaborate with several different stakeholders including charities, housing associations and individuals. We listen to and engage with exceptional people and produce exceptional products.