NHG Green Homes Initiative

We believe that to properly look after our communities we have to develop properties in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We want to limit reliance on fossil fuels and reduce fuel poverty. Accordingly, we consider this central tenet from the beginning and throughout the process. We are aware at all times of the responsibility we bear towards the environment.

We are working with our team of architects to make our properties as energy-efficient as possible. Our construction focus is on efficiency and sustainability and all our products are hard-wearing. Our Green Homes Initiative will remain a core theme for all NHG developments. 

We use the following sustainable solutions in our projects:

  • Solar panels
  • Low energy lighting
  • Energy-efficient heating
  • Radiant heating and cooling.

Using energy-efficient, renewable or recycled materials lessens the environmental footprint and produces fewer carbon omissions via efficient energy use.

“From inception, NHG has focused on sustainability. We will continue to learn from the past and embrace the challenges of the future, and our Green Homes Initiative helps us to achieve this.”
Stephen Wasserman
Founder & CEO

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