About National Housing Group

National Housing Group (NHG) was founded in January 2020 to help tackle the housing shortage and the homelessness crisis in the UK.

We are helping to tackle the housing shortage and the homelessness crisis. Through acquiring and developing properties we are addressing the lack of high quality suitable housing available as permanent solutions.

Through our partnerships with housing associations, councils and charities we let the properties out to those in need. We go above and beyond the industry standard by building sustainably and to a high standard, including providing internet and housing management support to tenants.

Our focus is on working with vulnerable individuals who are often neglected and find it challenging to secure housing. Placing those without a social network into permanent homes improves their quality of living and has mental and physical health benefits. In this way, NHG has a social and environmental impact.

NHG has housed many people in permanent residences and, we have worked with more than ten different housing associations and charities.

Community. Investment. Environment.

How it works

NHG acquire property

NHG acquires properties to develop and convert. These can be commercial, houses, blocks of flats and land with development.

Develop and renovate

NHG renovates and converts the properties.

Let out the property

NHG leases out the property to a charity or an individual who requires long term housing.

Provide management

NHG offers independent management services to tenants.

Our combined 50 years of experience and knowledge of the industry allow us to find suitable properties for development and create and develop relationships which ultimately lead to housing more people. We have experience in large and small scaled property developments, we have held board positions in both property construction and mortgage lending institutions, and we have an in-house legal team.  


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