National Housing Group works with housing associations, councils and charities to supply affordable housing within the UK.

Community. Investment. Environment.

We develop sustainable, durable and affordable property

We provide permanent solutions to the housing shortage in the UK.

We are environmentally and socially conscious.

Collectively as a group, we have housed thousands of people in permanent accommodation

National Housing Group specialises in developing high quality, sustainable affordable housing

National Housing Group was founded to help tackle the housing shortage and the homelessness crisis in the UK.

We acquire and then develop properties to a high standard. It is our belief that if vulnerable tenants are comfortable in their homes, they are more likely to live there for longer. We then lease these properties to housing associations, councils and charities as permanent solutions.

Our mission is to provide those that are vulnerable to homelessness, or those that are homeless, with comfortable, affordable and safe homes. 

How it works

We use a bespoke algorithm to target suitable property to purchase, redevelop and let on long term leases. We have a combined 50 years of property and finance experience. We have completed both large and small scaled property developments.

Acquire property

National Housing Group acquires properties, these can be commercial, houses, blocks of flats and land with development.

Develop and renovate

NHG then renovates and converts the properties.

Let out the property

NHG leases out the property to a charity or an individual who requires long term social housing.

Provide management

NHG offers independent management services to tenants.

Our properties

Green Homes Initiative

We believe that to properly look after our communities we have to develop properties in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We want to limit reliance on fossil fuels and reduce fuel poverty. 

Accordingly, we consider this central tenet from the beginning and throughout the process. We are aware at all times of the responsibility we bear towards the environment.

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